Some Amazing Facts and Myths about Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective, as well as safest procedure of removing hair, from the revealing parts of your body, without any hassle. The monotonous work of waxing or tweezing can sometime become quite irritating a work for you.

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Laser Hair Removal Therapy is one of the most common cosmetic procedures, which has already been adopted by a lot of people. This technique is useful in removing the unwanted hair from, the face, neck, leg, underarm, bikini line and other areas too. But there are some myths, which are related to the procedure of laser hair removal, which need to be clarified in front of those people, who are looking for a permanent solution to get rid of their unwanted hair. Through laser hair removal.

  • Myth: The procedure of laser hair removal is not at all safe.

   Fact: The safety of the whole procedure entirely depends upon the type of laser system being used. The FDA has already approved certain techniques of laser hair removal, so there is a need for the patient to make sure that, whether he or she chosen a dermatology center, where all the equipment, used for the cosmetic surgery are accredited or not.

  • Myth: A single session would be enough for removing the unwanted hair permanently.

   Fact: The laser beams only effects the mature hair follicles, which are in their growth phase. But, on the other hand, hair follicles which are in their resting phase, remain unharmed, by the laser. Therefore, multiple treatments are needed for a complete hair removal, and the interval between the sessions should be at least of four to six weeks,  so that the “dormant” follicles would go into the active phase and new hair would be visible on the body.

  • Myth: The treatment is very much costly.

   Fact: Most of the people are prone to make a wrong judgment, about the cost related to laser hair removal. In the long run of life, you would be able to save a lot more money, by not entering in to the hassles of waxing or tweezing anymore. This includes the cost of razors, waxing, threading, etc, as well as the time-cost of attending those wax appointments or taking the time to shave with a razor.

  • Myth: Any laser hair removal technique will work for all types of hair.

   Fact: Not all lasers are created for conducting the various types of removal technique. The result of the procedure may vary depending upon the treated area, hair color or skin type. Hair with shades of red is actually more difficult to remove than black or brown hair. White or gray cannot be removed through laser alone.

  • Myth: This procedure can also cause the hair to grow more.

  Fact: This is an absolutely baseless claim. If this would be true, then nobody would have been opted for the Laser Hair Removal Therapy. This technique is, probably considered as one of the most effective options for permanent hair reduction. However, your hormones are constantly changing and over time some may start losing hair from their head as well while others may grow more hair in treated or non-treated areas.

The dermatologist whom you have chosen, would be able to answer all your queries related to the procedure of laser hair removal. With the help of the above mentioned facts and myths, it would become easier for you to know the reality about the whole procedure. So, this is the high time for you to grab the opportunity of Underarm laser hair removal, at 75/- rupees only, presented by one of the most trusted organizations of the health industry, Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic.