Four Reasons to Buy E-Cigarettes and Supplies Online

If you’ve made the switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes, you might find it difficult to purchase e-liquids containing nicotine in Australia. Nicotine is labelled a class 7 poison by law, so you cannot buy e-juice with nicotine in it in shops that sell e-cigarettes. That is one of the many reasons why you should order e-cigarettes and supplies online.

Buying E-Liquid Online

When you buy e-juice for your e-cigs online, you are limited to a three-month supply for your own personal use. A great advantage to buying it online is that you can buy e-juice with the strength of nicotine that you want and in a wide variety of flavours as well. Most companies selling e-juice online offer it with between 0 mg and 24 mg of nicotine.

Buy E-Cigarettes and Supplies Online1

E-liquid containing 24 mg of nicotine is like buying strong, full-flavoured cigarettes. If you are trying to break the smoking habit altogether, then you can start out with the nicotine strength that is equal to what you used to smoke in tobacco cigarettes and gradually step down until you are vaping with 0 mg of nicotine in the e-juice or not smoking at all. With each bottle you order, you can choose the level of nicotine that is in it.

E-Juice Flavours

Most vapers like to buy their supplies online because there is such a wide variety of e-juice flavours available. You can buy e-juice flavoured like tobacco or find some that are flavoured like your favourite candies, soda or even coffee to go with your cup in the morning. Most shops selling e-cigarettes and supplies have limited shelf space, so you may only find a few flavours of e-juice in them and none of them will contain nicotine.

Save Money

One of the main reasons to buy e-cigarettes and supplies online is to save money. You will already experience saving money when you switch to vaping as most people who smoked up to 20 cigarettes a day, which is a pack, can save almost $400 a month. If you buy e-juice in variety packs, you can save even more money because packs may be offered at a discounted price. However, you have to make sure you are only purchasing a three-month supply for yourself.

Buy E-Cigarettes and Supplies Online

E-Cigarette Accessories

If you need accessories for your e-cigarettes such as wall adapters, USB chargers, or coils, you will have an easier time finding them online than you would finding them in most shops. Since space is limited in shops selling e-cigarettes, they may not carry the brand or type of accessories you need to replace missing ones or the disposable supplies for e-cigs. In most cases, accessories will probably cost less online as well.

Switching to e-cigarettes can be better for your health because they don’t contain the same toxins that exist in tobacco cigarettes. In addition, e-juice for your e-cigs can be bought in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths to help cut down on your smoking habit. Ordering online also allows you to buy the e-juice you want.