Forskolin as the best weight-loss supplement

An extract from the Coleus forskohli plant, belonging to the mint family, the Forskolin has been traditionally used as an ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of various diseases and bodily complications. It has been a potent cure for the treatment of asthma, hypertension, psoriasis, eczema and much more. For the past couple of years this compound has gained substantial recognition in the market as an effective solution to combat weight-gain issues. Forskolin has a natural effect on the body to shred off the unwanted fat and thereby reduce weight.


The quality of this supplement in contributing majorly to the slimming process has what made it so popular today in the market. This multi-purpose herbal ingredient provides the best results when appropriate dosage is taken on a regular basis and proper cycles as recommended by medical practitioners are followed. Apart from being a weight-loss compound it is also consumed to enhance the overall health of the user. The pure forskolin extract from the Coleus plant is a great supplement for professional athletes and bodybuilders to reduce unwanted body fat and enhance lean muscle mass while maintaining the energy levels high.

The actual working mechanism

The cell regulating substance contained in Forskolin known as Cyclic Andenosine Monophosphate (cAMP) is what contributes to the fat loss benefits. The fat producing tiises in the human body are made up of fatty acids which are removed from the consumption of this supplement and converted into energy. In addition to that, it also prevents the synthesis or occurrence of unwanted fatty acids in the body. The cAMP also increases the production of enzymes associated with absorption and digestion of food by the body. It enhances the metabolic activity of the body thereby triggering the process of burning calorie.

Several research studies have shown the effects of Forskolin to raise the level of thyroid hormone and testosterone thereby increasing the lean muscle mass in users. The cyclic-AMP is closely associated with adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which contributes greatly in reducing blood pressure, inflammation, anti-glaucoma, prevention of platelet aggregation, enhancing lung health and much more. But to derive all these outstanding benefits of this supplement it is necessary to purchase the original product and refrain from the consumption of duplicate ones.

Proper dosage recommendation

This extract from the Coleus plant is known to be a natural controller, activator and regulator of the adenylate cyclase which is an essential enzyme stimulating the production of cAMP. For users consuming this product just for the sake of experiencing its benefits, it is recommended to limit the intake level from 25mg to 60mg per day. Users should start off with the minimum dosage to allow the body to adjust to the effects from consumption.  This product is generally available in tablets of 125mg or capsules of 250mg but the prime consideration of the user to purchase the pure natural extract of this compound, i.e. a minimum of 20% pure forskolin extract for each consumption. However, it is always recommended to take the advice of a qualified medical professional before deciding to experience the benefits of this supplement.